Informations for Athletes and National Representatives

Dear AIDA national representatives, dear athletes,
Find on this page some informations for the pre registration to the 2019 AIDA depth WC.

These information are a small part of what the organizer presented to the AIDA Sport officer, Uros Kozic, and the AIDA Vice President, Alex Russu, during the meeting organized between AIDA and the organizer in Nice (France) on March 16th.

It’s the organizer which asked to AIDA to organize this meeting in order to demonstrate that we consider as very important to prepare in a common way the AIDA depth world championship.

One goal of this meeting for the organizer was to present in a transparent way all things planed for the event, including the important budget for the competition never seen in previous AIDA WC, all efforts already done by the organizer to find money and partners and to explain how we imagined to highlight athletes and AIDA, and how we imagined and prepared things in order to avoid for athletes to pay too much.

Assembly members representatives and athletes will receive later other informations about important points not specified in this document.

The organizer remains at your disposal for any questions at

Thank you

Claude Chapuis

Claude Chapuis

Nuc Subaquatique
Vice President
Joseph Strazzanti

Joseph Strazzanti

Organisation Committee
Julien Alias

Julien Alias

AIDA France

Who Organizes ? The N.U.C : Nice University Club

1990 : First Freediving courses

1996 : First AIDA World Championship

2000 : AIDA World Championship

2005 : First Individual Word Championship

It’s a non profit association, being a freediving club : Nice University Club (NUC).

It’s this club who organized the 4 previous AIDA WC in Villefranche-sur-Mer since 1996.
NUC works for te event with a main partner which is the Departmental Council of the Alpes-Maritimes in relation too with AIDA France and AIDA international.

2012 : AIDA Team World Championship

Which City Hosts the Event ?

Villefranche-sur-Mer a small city near Nice

General View : Nice and Villefranche sur Mer

The Rade of Villefranche sur Mer

General view of 2012

Who can participate ?

In all countries where an AIDA active member (association / federation) is registered, it’s the national AIDA who select athletes. After the selection, the athlete will have the possibility to register himself directly or in some case, the national will register the team.

In all countries where no AIDA active member exists, an athlete has to contact the organizer. In relation with AIDA international, the organizer will help the participation of such isolated freedivers having no AIDA representatives in the country. For that AIDA France will ask for a special vote inside the AIDA assembly in order to avoid for athletes coming from a country where no AIDA exist to pay 150 Euros to AIDA just to have the possibility to register.

Each participant must have the passeport of the country she/he represents. Each participant must be member of a national AIDA. For isolated freedivers having no national AIDA in their country, AIDA France will deliver them a membership card for free.

The deadline for registration and first payment is July 1st.

3 athletes per sex per nations and per disciplines maximum are allowed to participate + wild cards for the discipline in question. AIDA international and the organizer have the wild cards list. If after July 1st, it stays some free places, the organizer will contact all nationals in order to know if some other freedivers want to participate.

There is no minima, AIDA WC being the opportunity to participate for freedivers representing new countries where freediving is developing. To gather all freedivers of the world is one of the goal of AIDA WC since the origin in 1996.

Wild Cards ?

For any problem with the white card list, please contact

Which Disciplines ?

Bi Fins ?

There is 3 disciplines for men and women : CNF, FIM, CWT

There isn’t Bi fins category, there will have only one result list for CWT. Reason is that the vote of AIDA international has been organized later than the booking done by the organizer and it was impossible to change the program for that reason. Athletes can decide to dive with bi fins but no specific bi fins result list will be published.

Constant Weight
Constant Weight no Fins

Principles of the Event Organization

How to reduce costs for participants

In all championships that we organized since 1996, the organizer has always tried to lower the costs for athletes as we are a non profit association and because we want to avoid that AIDA WC be reserved for rich freedivers. For that we always booked beds a long time before the event in a residence consisting of apartments : the “Ange Gardien” Residence situated just over the beach where the organization built for the event an official village. Classically freedivers of the same country reserve one or two apartments depending on the number of freedivers. For isolated freedivers, we try to gather freedivers from different countries who know each others and speak the same language, even if everybody speaks english in general.

At the beginning of September, it’s always the full season, many things are booked in March by tourists for September. Villefranche sur Mer has few hotels
who are in general expensive even for 2 stars hotel. Traffic on road near is almost impossible at the seaside and no places for cars are possible on the parkings of the beaches. That’s why (see further in this document) the organizer took some financial risks for you to be well welcomed and to have some confort during the championship week by avoiding for example to take a car and to be able from the residence to join the official village on foot.

The “tranquillity package” that we propose to all of you for all the competition is the cheapest solution that we advise you. Be careful we have limited places for such a package having reserved and pre paid for a part for 160 beds in different apartments.

No diving Fees ?

For all participants (athletes and coaches), any disciplines they are registered for, the diving fees that are classically paying for the competition dives, are offered by the organization, its partners and AIDA.

Official Village Fees Participation : Why ?

The organizer creates on a parking and a part of the beach area an official village, secured, regulated and controlled by the authorities with many infrastructures in order to welcome athletes and public in good conditions. This official village will have : a 380m2 marquee, a stage for podiums and animations, a 200m2 marquee for media, tents to put on suits, WC, relaxation zone under the trees, rooms for the organizers, judges, video production and social networks, diving equipment for the competition, stewardship, professional kitchen with cold room, screens to follow the competition, information boards, wifi space and PC for your emails or internet access. For that, the official village needs a temporary installation of electric, telephone, wifi, sound
system, water networks, WC approved by french standards. The official village and competition organization need around 110 volunteers like in 2012. We must add a security staff required by french authorities for world international sport events.

Before the Competition Week – Where to train ?

Athletes wanting to arrive before August 31 (Saturday)

You have to find an accomodation by yourself :

  • Villefranche :
  • Nice :

We recommend you to be in Nice or Villefranche-sur-Mer, 2 freediving clubs being able to welcome you having their club one in Nice and One in Villefranche sur Mer.

The two freediving clubs are :

Athletes wanting to arrive between August 31 (Saturday) to September 7 (the welcome day)

We have pre booked apartments in the athlete’s residence for people wanting to arrive one week before the welcome day( September 7) just to train 2 or 4 times.

All appartments are full now
You can contact other hotels, BnB or others by yourselves:
Villefranche : Hotels in Villefranche sur mer
Nice : Hotels in Nice

We propose to you 3 trainings from September 3 to September 5 – 30 Euros per training. These trainings will be organized from the small beach of the official village of the competition, located at the end of the beach “Les Marinières” (See map below)

We start to create the official village from September 1.

We plan to open the official Village from September 4.

Competition Week – September 7 to 15

  • Formula 1 : "Tranquility Package" :
    850 Euros all included
    Not available anymore

    • From September 7 to 15 (8 nights)
    • Accommodation in the residence in apartments (not a hotel room). There are apartments pre
      booked for 4, 5, 6 or 7 persons (Studio, 2 rooms or 3 rooms apartments)
    • Access to the official village
    • Meals (lunch and dinner) from September 7 to 14
    • Supply of a breakfast pack to be taken in the apartments
    • Civile responsibility insurance (covering damage caused to others by your own fault because
      of the french law requirements)
    • T-shirt of the championship (organic clothes)
    • Other services : You’ll find in the official village too a “blue bar” and a fast food space in the journey and evening with prepaid card (preferential tariff for athletes)
    • Tourism Tax to be paid by each person : around 1 euro per day (no in the package)
    • Security deposit required by the residence : 100 Euros per persons – Refund upon departure
  • Formula 2 :Without accomodation and Breakfast
    625 Euros all included
    • From September 7 to 15 (8 nights)
    • Access to the official village
    • Meals (lunch and dinner) from September 7 to 14
    • Civile responsibility insurance (covering damage caused to others by your own fault because
      of the french law requirements)
    • T-shirt of the championship (organic clothes)
    • Other services : You’ll find in the official village too a “blue bar” and a fast food space in the journey and evening with prepaid card (preferential tariff for athletes)
  • Formula 3 : Participation to the official Village
    400 Euros
    Just the participation to the officiel village fees for all countries delegation members (ie athletes, coaches, captains), except husbands and children and of course the competition any disciplines you are registered for

For all registration arriving after July 1st, a supplement of 100 Euros will be asked for all packages

Note :
Athletes and national representatives will receive too some other information via email and via the website of the competition (which is going to open) about insurance problems in case where you would have to go to the hospital, medical certificate, lanyards controls, a scientific study called “hyppoxia” if you want to participate to this study, doping control, medical control in addition to your medical certificate during the competition in case of problems occurring during training and competition, advices for you security in the official village etc …