Paralenz bottom cam

Dear athletes and coaches

I would like to thank all of you for your participation to this AIDA depth WC.
We tried to do the best to welcome you and organize your safety.

Many athletes ask us questions about the Paralenz bottom cam.

Find below some general infos :

– contact please Jacob Dalhoff for any technical questions
– We have chosen the Paralenz cam because it can shoot in HD (1080) during 2 hours and a half
and because it easy to use : one button, on click and that’s all.
– Yes the cam can be used in around 200m, we tested it several times
This cam can shoot also in 2k or 4k

The specification of this cam allowed us to change the cam and tags around each two hours

We never met problems with such a cam

We decided, as you observed it, to not add a light in the bottom, the white balance of the Paralenz cam being enough good to shoot without the add of a light

best regards