Paralenz bottom cam

Dear athletes and coaches

I would like to thank all of you for your participation to this AIDA depth WC.
We tried to do the best to welcome you and organize your safety.

Many athletes ask us questions about the Paralenz bottom cam.

Find below some general infos :

– contact please Jacob Dalhoff for any technical questions
– We have chosen the Paralenz cam because it can shoot in HD (1080) during 2 hours and a half
and because it easy to use : one button, on click and that’s all.
– Yes the cam can be used in around 200m, we tested it several times
This cam can shoot also in 2k or 4k

The specification of this cam allowed us to change the cam and tags around each two hours

We never met problems with such a cam

We decided, as you observed it, to not add a light in the bottom, the white balance of the Paralenz cam being enough good to shoot without the add of a light

best regards


Coralie Balmy, Bronze medal at the Olympics in swimming will be with us !

After a short presentation done by the swimming champion coralie Balmy about begreenocean, we have decide to invite her during the championship in order for her association to show to the public and youth
an underwater exhibition. The world championship has many partners which defend the protection of the sea, the biodiversity
and the sustainable development. Welcome Coralie and your friends : from the chlore to the sea
is an easy step to do !

How to put marks on ropes !

The students of the sports faculty of the Côte d’Azur University put marks on two ropes for the world championship.
There will put many other marks on many other ropes 🙂
They follow a speciality called … “freediving”  with Claude Chapuis, Delphine Marleux and Cédric Palerme as teacher.
As a part of their studies, the must know everything about freediving, including how to mark a rope.
They wait you in September.


Do you know this man ?

Claude Chapuis met Joseph Strazzanti in 1996 when he decided to organize the 1st AIDA world championship.
Even if Claude was managing  group with Loic Leferme, Pierre Frolla and later young Jedi like Guillaume Néry, without forgetting girls like Delphine Marleux, Aurore Asso, Brigitte Banegas,
Joseph being a sailor and a diver explained to the freediving school of Nice that for a world championship, few things should be done. Joseph this year just finished to organize the European windsurf championship on the “Promenade des Anglais” facing the Negresco !
So his experience has been decisive. It’s him who thought that an important administration called today the Departmental Council of the Alpes-Maritimes, could help successfully this amazing group of freedivers.
This administration always stayed since that date the main partner of all world championships organized in Villefranche sur Mer playing in such a partnership an important role of all freediving world championships success in the South of France.
Thanks to Joseph and all volunteers he succeeds to find at each championship.